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Houston Probation Violation Lawyer

Probation Attorney Greg Tsioros

Probation Violation

Experienced Criminal Defense in Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris & Montgomery Counties

With current overcrowding of our jails and prisons, and the costs of incarcerations imposed on tax payers, many of those who have been convicted of a crime are granted probation instead of jail time.

Probation is typically accompanied by special requirements that have to be met by the offender in order to stay out of jail. When these terms are violated, the person on probation can be ordered to finish their sentence in jail.

For those who have been accused of violating their probation, the Law Office of Greg Tsioros can help you avoid severe penalties and jail time. There are a wide variety of defense techniques that are available to help someone who is accused of violating their probation for any of the following reasons:

  • Failed drug screens
  • Failing to report to probation officer
  • Failure to complete mandated community service
  • Refusing to submit to a drug test
  • Failure to pay probation fees
  • Failure to submit to court ordered classes
  • Committing another crime

Our staff understands what is at stake with a probation revocation. We investigate important issues such as whether you violated a special or general probation condition. These cases aren’t about criminal defense, but rather defending against particular points of your probation that the probation officer alleges you violated. We can effectively challenge the probation officer’s opinions and interpretation of the probation agreement. The experienced Houston probation violation attorneys at the Law Office of Greg Tsioros have the experience and resources to explain your case in the most effective way possible.

In addition to legal jargon and probation conditions, defending against a probation violation is simply about you, as a person. We will get to know you and your story and effectively relay your circumstances to the judge. At the Law Office of Greg Tsioros, we believe that your rights are worth protecting. While working closely with you, our objective is to create a strong defense and reasonably explain why may have violated the provisions of your probation.

If you feel that you may have violated your probation agreement, or have been formally accused of doing so, Contact the Houston Law Office of Greg Tsioros. We have been effective at helping many people in your situation and we can help you too!