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Houston Protective Order Lawyer

Attorney Greg Tsioros

Protective Order Defense

Protective Order Defense in Houston: Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris & Montgomery Counties

If you have been accused of any form of domestic violence in the Houston area, one of the first steps you should take is to hire an attorney who can take immediate action to protect your rights against the unfair issuance of a restraining order.

If you have been served with a subpoena to court to answer a protective order, it is critical that you take every step to protect your rights. Choosing to ignore a subpoena and failing to appear in court will lead to a default order being granted, and consequently a finding of family violence against you.

Houston protective order lawyer Greg Tsioros has a wealth of experience in dealing with protective orders and other domestic violence cases. Mr. Tsioros began his hands-on training in family law as an intern at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, where he spent over a year of his career conducting protective order hearings for the DA.


A temporary protective order can be put in place by a judge based only on accusations. The specific wording and details of a restraining order can have very serious consequences – affecting your access to personal property and your right to see your children. A lawyer with experience in protective order defense in Houston can represent your interests and ensure that your rights are not violated.

Although it may not be possible to prevent the issuance of a temporary protective order, an attorney with skill and experience can help you fight to prevent a temporary order from becoming a permanent one.

Restraining orders are not meant to be used as an underhanded tactic to gain a strategic advantage in divorce or custody disputes. Unfortunately, some people in these situations, driven by fear and anger, often fabricate domestic violence allegations and petition for a protective order simply to punish, or gain an unfair edge on the other party involved.

The Texas criminal justice system does not look very kindly to being manipulated in this way. If you feel you are being persecuted by a former spouse or your child’s other parent who is abusing the court system by filing fradulent claims of harassment, abuse or assault, you need the immediate assistance of Greg Tsioros, a Houston defense attorney with experience in protective order and restraining order defense.