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Attorney Greg Tsioros

Juvenile Defense

Experienced Criminal Defense in Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris & Montgomery Counties

Minors, like adults, can be prosecuted for crimes and deserve to have their rights protected by a seasoned attorney. In Texas, a person can be prosecuted in juvenile court if they commit a crime while they are under the age of seventeen. Adolescent offenses can range from crimes such as vandalism, shoplifting, underage alcohol and drug possession or consumption to more serious violations such as robbery, assault, sexual crimes, or even murder.


Being saddled with a criminal record will often hamper your child’s efforts at finding a good job or being accepted into a reputable school. A criminal conviction as a minor will also seriously affect a person if they are charged with other offenses later in life. Punishments for adult violations are often more severe for those with previous convictions as a juvenile. If your child is charged criminally, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced Houston juvenile attorney, no matter how severe the charges or circumstances are.

At the Law Office of Greg Tsioros, we promise to use all available resources and tactics to shield your child from the harsh effects that are associated when a minor is convicted of a crime. Often, families don’t always recognize the significance of a juvenile crime, or they consult with a family law attorney because the cases are handled in a family court. While many family lawyers are highly qualified in their field, they are not always the best resource for a juvenile criminal defense.

While most criminal statutes are the same for minor and adult defendants, there are many procedural differences between the two justice systems which require the expertise of a trained adolescent attorney. Also, it is possible in some serious cases that a adolescent defendant may be “certified” as an adult where they will be prosecuted in the adult justice system. Per juvenile law, a judge considers the evidence against a child and hands down a verdict depending on their interpretation of the tendered evidence. Taking all this into consideration, it is most important to have an experienced and persuasive attorney protecting your child’s rights.

The Law Office of Greg Tsioros has an arsenal of experience from serving as both a Houston prosecutor and as a defense attorney. You can be absolutely assured that your child’s rights and future are Mr. Tsiorios’ top concern and will be vigorously defended by our firm. If you have a child with matters pending in the juvenile justice system, contact us today to get started immediately.