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Hiring a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Do you need a criminal defense attorney? The Law Office of Greg Tsioros has the experience and credentials to help you defend yourself or a loved one.

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

A criminal defense attorney serves as your guide, protector, and confidant throughout the legal process from the time of your arrest to the completion of your case.

At the Law Office of Greg Tsioros, we do everything in our power to help your case, including:

  • Researching the facts of the case against you
  • Looking for ways to reduce your bail, charges, and sentence
  • Examining witnesses
  • Formulating your plea
  • Analyzing the prosecutor’s case
  • Reviewing the search and seizure procedures

A criminal defense attorney assesses the potential sentences and the likelihood of a specific judge awarding the sentence. Beforehand, the attorney gathers all the evidence and questions witnesses to the alleged crime. 

Criminal defense attorneys advise on potential immigration consequences and the consequences of any plea bargains, conviction, or criminal record.

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney has been around the courts where your case may be tried. They have built relationships with the local prosecutors and the criminal justice system. They can provide help quickly.

Criminal defense attorneys understand cases like yours and can assess law enforcement’s conduct at the time of the arrest. They can advise you on potential outcomes and protect your future while saving you money.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

When searching for an attorney to defend you, make sure to do your research. Get answers to as many of the following questions as you can.

  1. How long have you been in practice? Experience usually wins out over book learning and interning.
  2. What are your educational and professional credentials? You want a lawyer who can show their educational attainment and prove they passed the state bar exam. Look for specialized training and ask about their relationships in the local legal scene.
  3. What is your success rate, and how often do your cases go to trial? In today’s criminal justice system, more cases are settled before going to trial. Going to court adds a level of the unknown that could negatively impact your case.
  4. What percentage of your practice is devoted to criminal defense? You want someone who provides criminal defense regularly, not someone who only takes the occasional case. They may not have the appropriate resources if only a small portion of their work is for criminal defense.
  5. Who is your typical client, and have you represented cases similar to mine? Every case is different, but the experience gained from one case can transfer to another. You want to know if the attorney has helped others like you with a similar background and criminal charges.
  6. How do you approach case representation? Learn how well you can work with this attorney and whether you can build a relationship that benefits you in the long term.
  7. Do you keep me informed of the progress of my case and future activities? Sitting there wondering what’s next is stressful. You need to know the progress on your case and what to expect next and down the line.
  8. Do you offer guarantees or promises of the outcome of my case? If they say yes, don’t hire them. It is highly unethical for a lawyer to make any promises or guarantees of success.

A reliable and experienced criminal defense attorney will have this information on their website or will be happy to provide it to you if asked. Your case could impact your future, so you want to be very selective about who you choose to represent you. For more information on our office, visit our FAQ page.

Case Results

Criminal law covers a broad range of offenses, charges, and severity. Look for an attorney that has prevailed in a variety of criminal cases, from driving under the influence and resisting arrest to assault and felony terrorist threats. 

Visit our case results page to see the types of cases Greg Tsioros has helped dismiss or reduce.

Affordable Legal Assistance

The criminal justice system is too complicated to navigate alone, but you don’t have to go broke to get quality representation.

At the Law Office of Greg Tsioros, are committed to reasonable, affordable rates and pricing for our services. We understand this is a stressful time and strive to provide the type of assistance you need. 

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