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Houston Disorderly Conduct Charges

Attorney Greg Tsioros

Disorderly Conduct

Disturbing the Peace Defense in Houston: Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris & Montgomery Counties

Do you know about the differences between disorderly conduct and civil disobedience in Texas? Some people think that there is a fine line, but the fact is that disorderly conduct is a term broadly used in the legal field to describe a wide number of offenses. In the wake of the Occupy Wall Street protests of recent years, people have become more familiar with what can happen during a public disturbance or when an argument gets physical.

Acts That Disturb the Peace

In many cases, disruptive conduct charges in Texas may refer to the following:

  • Verbal abuse, spoken threats or undue use of profanity that may involve the usage of rude gestures
  • Excessive noise that disturbs the peace, particularly when law enforcement officers have already issued warnings in this regard
  • Fighting
  • Exposure of intimate body parts in public
  • Invasion of privacy by peeking or peeping
  • Firing a weapon into the air

Arrests made for disorderly behavior can take place in a public space or behind closed doors. For example, a fight may ensue between two guests at a birthday party when police are called in. Public demonstrations and protests often result in arrests made for disruptive behavior when emotions and indignation run high. A riot, for example, may yield a high number of arrests in a single day.

Public Disturbance Penalties

Although disorderly behavior charges do not usually result in jail sentences, they are classified Class C misdemeanor offenses in Texas. When a firearm is discharged in public or displayed haphazardly, the penalty may be augmented by up to six months in a state correctional institution and a fine up to $2,000.

When public demonstrations end up in riots and multiple suspects are arrested and booked, prosecutors may be called in to give their opinions as to whether charges should be filed or not. When disruptive behavior cases go to court, however, they are not always easily dismissed. Defendants are strongly urged to contact disorderly behavior lawyers if they are facing such criminal charges in court.

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