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Houston False Allegations

Attorney Greg Tsioros

False Allegations

False Accusations Defense in Houston: Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris & Montgomery Counties

False criminal allegations affect many people across the country. Nearly anyone from any background can find themselves facing the disastrous effects of false accusations. It does not matter if someone is always careful to obey the law; he or she can still be in a situation in which false charges threaten their freedom and privacy.

False allegations can be made for almost any crime imaginable. These kinds of allegations may arise whether or not the accused person has done anything that could even be possibly construed as illegal. Sometimes, wrongful accusations are made by someone the accused person knows well, but they may sometimes be made by complete strangers.

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Common Types of False Accusations

Although it is possible for a person to be falsely accused of any type of crime, crimes of a sexual nature and child abuse crimes frequently appear in cases involving false accusations. There are many reasons for this.

Someone may maliciously accuse a person of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct in an attempt to attack the integrity of the accused person, but it is more common for such allegations to be made because of mistaken or misconstrued information. Allegations of child abuse in Texas are investigated by Child Protective Services (CPS).

For example, if someone falsely accuses a person of sexual assault, it may be a case of mistaken identity. Sexual abuse can cause severe trauma, and such trauma may cloud the judgment of the abuse victim. That is not to say that the accuser is lying outright; they may just be mistakenly identifying the alleged perpetrator.

How to Defend Against Wrongful Allegations

A criminal lawyer who is experienced with the legal defense of falsely accused individuals can provide assistance in several ways. Because the burden of proof is on the state and the accuser, a skilled false allegations attorney can work to make the prosecution prove every aspect of their case. Some techniques can include:

  • Investigating evidence: A false allegations lawyer can closely examine the evidence presented by the prosecution to make sure that it is valid and relevant to the case. This may include demanding proof that the evidence was collected in a legal manner and that the evidence has not been tampered with.
  • Investigating witnesses: The defense attorney can also examine the witness statements to determine their truthfulness. If, for example, a witness issued a statement under duress or against their will, their account can be rendered invalid and not allowed in court.
  • Informing the accused of their rights: A lawyer can make sure that their client knows their legal rights. The attorney can inform the defendant that they do not have to answer questions or provide information without their attorney present.
A False Allegations Lawyer in Houston, TX Can Protect Your Rights

If you were incorrectly accused of any criminal act, get the legal help you need by contacting Houston attorney Greg Tsioros at (832) 752-5972.