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Houston Human Trafficking Charges

Attorney Greg Tsioros

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Defense in Houston: Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris & Montgomery Counties

Human trafficking is a serious human rights problem that is global in scale. According to the Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CTCAHT), the illegal trafficking of people is tied with the illegal trafficking of firearms as being the second most common type of organized criminal activity in the world. The rising number of trafficking cases has led to a national effort to introduce strict new laws and penalties for this crime. Even an accusation of a human trafficking crime can bring enormous consequences into a person’s life.

The trafficking of humans refers to the illegal transportation of people for illicit purposes. This can include kidnapping, coercing or forcing people to be sold as commodities. This is most often done for sexual purposes or for forced labor. Whatever the purpose, the trafficking of people is a serious criminal offense.

Human Trafficking Penalties

Recent changes in state and federal crimes laws have enacted tougher consequences for human trafficking offenses. The severity and types of punishments are based on the purpose of the trafficking and the victims’ ages. Harsher penalties may apply if the trafficking included sexual misconduct or incidences of violence. The following are some of the most common kinds of trafficking and their associated consequences:

  • Sex trafficking: Transporting people for the purpose of being sold into sexual slavery is among the most severe of trafficking accusations. This crime is classified as a felony offense and can carry a minimum sentence of three years in federal prison or up to 25 years in prison.
  • Labor trafficking: The illegal sale, trade or imprisonment of people for the purpose of forced labor is also a federal offense. A conviction for modern-day slavery can bring a sentence of anywhere from three to seven years in a federal prison.
  • Child trafficking: The illegal transport of minors and children is perhaps the most serious of trafficking offenses. A person convicted of child trafficking can receive a sentence of decades in federal prison. Additionally, if any sexual crimes were committed along with the trafficking offense, the convicted individual could also face mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender.
Defending Against Modern-Day Slavery Charges

Preparing a legal defense against charges of modern-day slavery is a daunting and difficult task. However, a qualified human trafficking lawyer who has extensive experience in defending people accused of such activities may be able to help prepare a strong defense.

Because the state has the burden of proving every aspect of the criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt, a trafficking of human beings defense lawyer can search for inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case. Such inconsistencies may include unverifiable witness testimony, a lack of physical evidence, police misconduct or illegally-conducted searches and seizures. If the human trafficking attorney is able to show that the prosecution’s case cannot be proved, the charges may be reduced or dropped.

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