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If you or one of your loved ones is becoming eligible for parole from a state or federal correctional facility, or already on parole and facing a possible violation, the The Law Office of Greg Tsioros can help. Mr. Tsioros is based in Houston and is experienced in assisting people with parole hearing and packets, as well as pending parole violations.

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When it’s time for a parole hearing, it is imperative to hire an experienced Houston parole attorney. Preparing a packet can often take up to a year before review and Mr. Tsioros will utilize that time to ensure that the board examines all important factors when considering granting parole. While there is no requirement to retain a parole lawyer to represent you in front of the board, statistics prove that your chances increase with the assistance of a capable parole attorney.

Our firm will work closely with everyone involved to make sure that a prisoner is seen in the most flattering circumstances. We will assemble a parole plan to satisfy the board and secure parole. Mr. Tsioros will request and in-person interview and help you create a parole packet which will demonstrate a balanced environment upon release.

Each parole packet is specific to each person’s virtues, but usually includes the following:

  • Letters from possible employers showing ongoing employment or that a job opportunity is ready for you after parole is granted.
  • Letters from family, and others, indicating to the board that you will have constant support after your release.
  • Support letters often include specifics such as employment, housing, transportation, and any other facts that could be helpful in persuading the parole board to trust that you can be released without threat to society.

The Law Office of Greg Tsioros can also help if you are currently on parole, or probation, and face going back into custody because of a new criminal charge or a violation of release conditions. If you are charged with a new crime while on parole your parole officer can immediately order that you be returned to custody. Also, violating certain other conditions can result in a revocation. Examples of these conditions include not using drugs or alcohol or having contact with the victim of your offense. If you face going back into custody because of a violation, Mr. Tsioros can protect your rights and help you retain your freedom.

Parole is serious business. Being released and the things you do after release can affect your life for years to come. Currently, the parole board makes life changing decisions in fewer than five minutes by evaluating parole packages and revocations. Make sure you have an experienced parole firm like the Law Office Greg Tsioros that knows how to make those five minutes count.

Time Calculations for First Parole Review as of September 2015:


The following information is based on laws currently in effect. Parole and mandatory supervision eligibility is determined by the laws in effect at the time the offense is committed. A person being held in county jail or custody will receive credit for his time in custody toward his/her parole eligibility date. For example, an inmate has been in custody for 6 months prior to being sentenced to a 10 year sentence. The inmate would be eligible for parole (if the case is not a 3g offense) in 1 year, 2 months and 8 days. The 6 months should be subtracted from the 1 year and 2 months parole eligibility date, leaving a parole eligibility date of approximately 8 months from the date of sentencing.

The following is a parole and discretionary mandatory supervision eligibility chart, remember the parole board presently is placing inmates into parole review six months in advance of these calculated times and the parole board is presently voting cases as early as three months before the calculated times, in other words you need to hire me well in advance of the computed appearance date:




3g Offenses

All Other Offenses 3g/508.149 Offenses

All Other Offenses



1 mos 13 days N/A

5 mos 21 days



2 mos 25 days N/A

11 mos 8 days


2 yrs

4 mos 8 days N/A

1 yr 5 mos 2 days


2 yrs

5 mos 21 days N/A

1 yr 10 mos 22 days


2 yrs 6 mos

7 mos 3 days N/A

2 yrs 4 mos 12 days


3 yrs

8 mos 15 days N/A

2 yrs 10 mos 3 days


3 yrs 6 mos

10 mos 0 days N/A

3 yrs 3 mos 20 days


4 yrs

11 mos 8 days N/A

3 yrs 9 mos 16 days


4 yrs 6 mos

1 yr 0 mos 24 days N/A

7 yrs 3 mos 4 days


5 yrs

I yr 2 mos 8 days N/A

4 yrs 8 mos 24 days


5 yrs 6 mos

1 yr 9 mos 9 days N/A

6 yrs 1 mos 6 days


7 yrs 6 mos

2 yr 1 mos 20 days N/A

7 yrs 1 mos 6 days


10 yrs

2 yrs 4 mos 12 days N/A

9 yrs 5 mos 18 days


12 yrs 6 mos

2 yrs 11 mos 15 days N/A

11 yrs 10 mos


15 yrs

3 yrs 6 mos 18 days N/A

14 yrs 2 mos 12 days


17 yrs 6 mos

4 yrs 1 mos 21 days N/A

16 yr 6 mos 24 days


20 yrs

4 yrs 9 mos N/A

18 yr 11 mos 6 days


22 yrs 6 mos

5 yrs 4 mos 3 days N/A

21 yrs 3 mos 18 days


25 yrs

5 yrs 11 mos 8 days N/A

23 yrs 8 mos


27 yrs 6 mos

6 yrs 6 mos 11 days N/A

26 yrs 12 days


30 yrs

7 yrs 1 mos 15 days N/A

28 yrs 4 mos 24 days


30 yrs

7 yrs 1 mos 15 days N/A


3g Offenses where good time credits have no effect on an offender’s sentence:

Parole eligibility is based on calendar time. The inmates convicted of a 3g offense are not eligible for mandatory supervision. Any 3g offense committed on or after September 1, 1993 requires an inmate to serve a minimum of one-half of the total sentence to become parole eligible. The following is the current listing of 3g offenses:

  • Aggravated Assault – Mandatory minimum or 2 years any time over two years is computed at ½ rule
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Aggravated Kidnapping
  • Aggravated Robbery
  • Use of a Child to Commit Drug Offense
  • 1st Degree Felony Injury of a Child Resulting In Serious Bodily Injury
  • Sexual Performance by a Child
  • 1st Degree Criminal Solicitation
  • Compelling Prostitution
  • Trafficking of Persons
  • 1st Degree Burglary of Habitation with Intent to Commit Certain Sexual Offenses
  • Affirmative Finding of Deadly Weapon
  • Continuous Trafficking of Persons
  • Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
  • Directing Activities of Criminal Street Gangs
  • Indecency with Child-Contact
  • Murder
  • Sexual Assault of a Child
  • Offenses with Affirmative Finding of Deadly Weapon
  • Intoxicated Manslaughter

Drug free zone offenses carry a unique parole eligibility requirement. If convicted of such a crime, an offender must serve five calendar years to become eligible. Consequently, if an offender is sentenced to five-years or less, he/she is not eligible for parole or mandatory supervision.

An inmate under sentence of death, serving a sentence of life imprisonment without parole, serving a sentence for and offense of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child is not eligible for release on parole.

Aggravated Sexual Assault if the victim of the offense is younger than 6 years of age at the time of the offense and if the victim of the offense is younger than 14 years of age at the time of the offense and the actor commits the offense in a manner described.

There are certain offenses where a life sentence carries unique initial parole eligible requirements by statute:

Capital Murder 40 years actual time served
Aggravated Sexual Assault
(two prior convictions, 1 sex related)
35 years actual time served
Aggravated Kidnapping with Intent to Abuse Sexually
(two prior felony convictions, 1 sex related)
35 years actual time served
Indecency with Child-Contact
(two prior felony convictions, 1 sex related)
35 years actual time served
Burglary Habitation with intent to sexual assault or indecency with Child
(two prior felony convictions, 1 sex related)
35 years actual time served