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Houston Intoxication Manslaughter Lawyer

Attorney Greg Tsioros

Intoxicated Manslaughter

Intoxication Manslaughter Defense in Houston: Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Harris & Montgomery Counties

In Texas, the law for intoxication manslaughter states that a person commits an offense if he “operates a motor vehicle, an aircraft, a watercraft, or an amusement ride, or assembles a mobile amusement ride” while he is intoxicated, “and by reason of that intoxication causes the death of another by accident or mistake.”

This crime is charged as a second-degree felony. Put in other words, “intoxication manslaughter” is the name for an offense that occurs when a person is drunk, or otherwise intoxicated, and unintentionally kills someone while driving a vehicle as a result of that intoxication. This means that if the accident was not caused by your intoxication, you might not be guilty of intoxication manslaughter. If, for example, the accident was the result of a mechanical problem in the car or was the fault of the other party involved, an intelligent defense attorney may be able to get the charge reduced or dropped.

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Potential Punishments for Intoxication Manslaughter in Texas

Intoxication manslaughter is a felony by law, and therefore may have significant consequences if convicted. It is within your rights, however, to hire an intoxicated manslaughter attorney to make sure that you are given the most favorable results allowed by the law.

The exact sentencing of a guilty individual will depend on the case and the judge. However, the following are the ranges and maximum penalties for someone who is found guilty of intoxication manslaughter:

  • Two to 20 years in the state penitentiary
  • Up to $10,000 in criminal fines
  • Between 240 and 800 total hours of mandatory community service
  • Suspension or limitation of driving privileges
  • A permanent entry on one’s criminal record
What if a Weapon is Also Involved?

If a deadly weapon is used while committing intoxication manslaughter, the guilty party may not be eligible to receive probation. With the addition of a deadly weapon, a convicted person faces harsher penalties.

Talk to an Intoxication Manslaughter Lawyer

An experienced and proactive attorney is extremely important in protecting your rights and obtaining the most favorable outcome possible in a trial. If you have been accused of intoxication manslaughter, and you live in the Greater Houston Area, call the Law Office of Greg Tsioros at (832) 752-5972 and get a complimentary legal consultation