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How to Get a Job After a DUI/DWI

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How to Get a Job After a DUI/DWI

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Employment After A DWI in Texas

Being convicted of driving while intoxicated in Texas can seriously alter a person’s life. The consequences of a DWI conviction can include jail time, steep fines and lost driving privileges. Even a first-time offender can be sentenced to over a year of probation for this kind of conviction.

In some cases, the consequences for a DWI conviction can reach beyond a person’s finances and driving privileges. A conviction for this charge may cause a person to lose their job or be prevented from finding certain types of employment in the future. This is especially true for people who work as commercial drivers or people who are looking for a job that requires a clean driving record.

It’s possible to find a good job after being convicted of a DWI but there are a few techniques that should be considered.

DWI Convictions and Background Checks

Many employers use background checks to determine if potential job applicants have a criminal history. If an employer uses background checks, they will usually ask applicants to indicate any criminal convictions on a job application.

In some cases, the employer will only ask applicants to report any prior felony convictions. In Texas, a first-time DWI conviction is usually considered a misdemeanor so, in this case, an applicant would not be required to report the crime. However, some employers may require applicants to report all criminal convictions or all driving-related convictions. These employers might include:

  • Commercial driving companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Companies that work with children
  • Government employers

If an applicant is not truthful about their driving history, they may be found out when the employer runs a background check. In this case, the applicant will almost certainly be denied a job because the employer will discover the lie with a background check. An applicant will be better off by being truthful on the application. Under the law, an employer cannot deny an applicant a job based on their criminal history unless they can demonstrate a legitimate business reason to deny the job.

Clearing A Criminal Record

In some cases, a person who has been convicted of DWI may be able to do something about their criminal record. They may be able to:

  • Have their record expunged
  • Have their record sealed
  • Use their record to show that they have changed their ways

In Texas, a person who is charged with DWI but never convicted may be able to have their record expunged. After a successful expunction, a person’s record is effectively cleared so that even a background check will not discover the charge. A sealed record makes criminal charges invisible to most background checks.

If a person is ineligible for an expungement or a sealed record, they may be able to use their record to help them. For example, a person who is convicted of DWI may be able to take an alcohol education class, attend AA meetings or get medical treatment. They can use documentation of these efforts to show employers that they have learned from their mistakes. This may help them find a new job.

Moving Forward

It may not always be possible to clear a criminal record of a driving while intoxicated conviction but it is still possible to move forward. When applying for a job, a person with a criminal record can find a respectable person to vouch for them. A respected business owner or medical professional who will write a letter of recommendation for a job applicant can be very helpful.

A person with a criminal background should also focus on their strengths when applying for a job. They can acknowledge their past mistakes while focusing on their relevant job skills and experiences.

In this way, it is possible to make a good impression on a potential employer even with a DWI in the past.

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