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Houston Methamphetamine Charges

Attorney Greg Tsioros


Methamphetamine Defense in Houston: Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris & Montgomery Counties

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive illegal drug that has rapidly become one of the most abused and trafficked substances in the country. Millions of dollars have been spent battling the effects of this substance, and countless lives have been affected by it. In most jurisdictions, manufacture, use, possession or distribution of drugs like methamphetamine is met with the harshest sentences possible.

Have you or someone you know been charged with possession or distribution of meth? Attorney Greg Tsioros provides the tough, skilled legal representation needed to defend you. Contact his office today to schedule an initial consultation.

What is Methamphetamine?

The Controlled Substances Act of the Texas Health and Safety Code lists drugs that are considered harmful in Texas. Meth is a very powerful stimulant drug that affects the brain and nervous system. It causes intense euphoria and energizing effects. Meth has the potential to cause a new user to develop an addiction in a relatively short period of time.

Because methamphetamine is extremely cheap to manufacture and can be made from household products, illegal meth production is a big problem. With no formal scientific training, a person can begin to produce meth in a small room, a garage or secluded area. The end result can then be sold for an extreme markup, making meth production a lucrative criminal enterprise.

Crimes Involving Crystal Methamphetamine

As stated above, the ease with which crystal meth can be manufactured presents a big problem for law enforcement. Catching, arresting and prosecuting meth “cooks” is difficult because their activities are easy to conceal.

However, the sale and use of meth causes a wide array of associated crimes. Meth cooks may violently defend their production sites and may physically assault rival producers and sellers who encroach on their customers.

A crystal meth addiction can turn a user into a habitual criminal. A meth addict may commit theft crimes such as robbery in order to obtain money to pay for their habit. Such criminal activity is easier for law enforcement to spot compared to meth production, but this is a problem in itself.

By catching and arresting meth users, law enforcement can prevent some crimes, but if the meth cook is not caught, more users will become addicted.

Crystal Meth Charges

The use and distribution of meth can lead to a large number of criminal charges. Meth production is a serious crime and possession of materials used to make crystal meth can also result in charges.

Facing methamphetamine charges is a serious matter that can result in long-term sentences. A crystal meth lawyer may be able to help in such cases. A tactic frequently used by defense attorneys is to try to convince the judge that the defendant should receive drug addiction treatment instead of prison time.

A Crystal Methamphetamine Lawyer in Houston, TX Can Help You

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