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3 Weird Cases of Criminal Mischief

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3 Weird Cases of Criminal Mischief

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Strange Criminal Mischief Cases

People can be charged with criminal mischief for many reasons. This criminal charge is often used to charge people who committed relatively minor offenses that are still serious enough to deserve arrest and legal punishment. In most cases, a person can be charged with criminal mischief for intentionally damaging property that belongs to someone else.

This can involve activities ranging from minor vandalism to breaking into a person’s home. In the media, it’s possible to find some truly bizarre reports of criminal mischief from around the country. The following cases showcase some of the weirdest cases of criminal mischief that have occurred recently.

Man Has Own Home Bulldozed

In Middletown, New York, a woman returned home one day to find her house in a very different state from when she had left it. The woman and her husband of nine years had been in the midst of renovating their home, which was nearly sixty years old. The couple’s neighbor reported that the husband claimed that the house was in “a state of disarray” and renovations were not going to be possible. The neighbor jokingly asked the husband if he planned to demolish the house with a bulldozer. The husband replied that he would but the neighbor did not take it seriously.

Apparently, the husband was not joking. When his wife returned home, she found that their house had been bulldozed to the ground with their possessions still inside. The husband could face serious criminal mischief charges. Most criminal mischief charges involve damage to inexpensive items so the charges are often misdemeanors. However, destroying a $160,000 house filled with valuable property could lead to felony level charges.

Thirsty Pigs Lead To Charges

In June of 2015, a woman in the Toronto area was trying to do a good deed. She was an animal rights activist and she approached a trailer hauling pigs at a local slaughterhouse. The woman believed that the pigs were dehydrated and she attempted to give them water through the sides of the trailer. The driver of the truck warned her to stop but she refused. Eventually, the driver left the scene without incident.

Several months later, the woman was contacted by police and given a summons to appear in court. She found out that she was being charged with criminal mischief for interfering with the transportation of the pigs. The woman claimed that her actions were not criminal and that she was simply trying to help some suffering animals. However, the local police and court system did not agree.

Bed Invasion Leads to Arrest

In Liberty Township, Pennsylvania, a woman was arrested for a home invasion in December of 2014. However, the invasion didn’t occur under the expected circumstances. At approximately 4 AM, local police headed out to investigate a burglar alarm at a private residence. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered that a window had been broken.

They entered the residence and found the woman fast asleep in the homeowner’s bed. They eventually awakened her and noticed a strong smell of alcohol. The woman was arrested and held on $10,000 bond.

These strange cases of criminal mischief might be humorous but criminal charges are no laughing matter. Even though criminal mischief cases usually lead to relatively minor punishments, they can still show up on a person’s criminal record for the rest of their life. That’s why it’s important to take these cases seriously.

When a person finds themselves facing charges of criminal mischief, hiring a lawyer right away is the best strategy for creating a legal defense and fighting the charges in court.

Are you being charged with criminal mischief? Contact a strong, smart lawyer that can help you. Attorney Greg Tsioros has the experience needed to protect your rights. Contact his office today at 832-752-5972.

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